Month: March 2019

Tips on Picking Up Guitar Later in Life

There are usually natural casualties that arise when you are in the bustle and hustle of raising a family, climbing the corporate ladder, busy working and making ends meet. With all these, there are some things that are put off or rather swept under the carpet until later times.

Casualties as such are usually dreams we ever wished to come true in our life since we were kids. Life has a nasty habit, it always gets between us and what we’d have planned doing. Some of us might have dreamt of writing a novel, others maybe learn taking up sailing, painting and even there are those who will carry the dream of learning how to play guitar.

In case you’re little miles away from the road of life and you wish to pick up some guitar lessons, herein are tips on getting started;

Set realistic expectations and objectives

There are no programs that will change you from an armature to an expert in a few easy lessons despite what you will come across on the internet. All you need to know is that this is a long journey that will take you time to become an expert. You will achieve results only through patient and persistence.

Play with others

You should consider seeking out others to play with once you feel that you have built your skills to a level you have a certain degree of confidence. Playing with other musicians is among the productive means to learn playing guitar. While playing with them, you will be picking up new techniques and also improving your ability to fully create coordination playing with other experts in a live setting.

Set a realistic practice schedule

This will greatly depend on the time you will set for learning. You need to set a schedule that is realistic in a way, the one that you can be able to adhere to consistently. If you will be comfortable maybe two hours a day, that will be great than setting up for even six hours that you can’t make. An important thing here is sticking to the schedule you set and try to pick up the lessons on a daily basis.

Start with technique

As an armature, you will obviously like trying to play some songs right away, but then this is not right. It is recommended that you totally avoid this. Your initial focus needs to be on learning on the basics first regardless of the instructional approach you employ. The rest will follow up after you have gained basic knowledge on how to go about things.

Learn the entire song

After some bit of training, you will like to start playing songs. To make it better, you need to learn the entire song. It will be such irritating playing with an expert who knows almost 40% of the songs but with you, you can’t manage even a single one. Make it and learn to play some songs with you. You should never at all become complacent while doing some practice as there are more than you will need to learn.…